Obviously the most important way that I made sure I was going to be the healthiest version of myself was to focus on what I was putting into my body. It is SO TRUE that having a healthy body inside and out is more diet than it is working out. Just an FYI, I am probably going to break this post up a little bit because I could go on and on about diet and how important it is in my life. I’ll start by telling my story of how I became so passionate about the way that I eat!

The Ketogenic Diet - for Me

First of all, I truly started eating a low carb diet during my freshman year of high school and I saw immediate improvements in my body composition, acne cleared up, my skin was softer, I had more energy, and I even got a little bit of a six pack! These were just a few differences that I noted after starting on the low carb diet. Since then I have seen even more improvements in my body and over the course of the past four years, I have changed the way I eat even more. I now follow a pretty strict low carb, high fat diet, which is commonly referred to LCHF (also known as the Ketogenic Diet.) Once I started on this lifestyle change with my diet, it was an easy transition after a little amount of time.

Typically, diets these days like to focus on what we cannot eat, but with the LCHF diet, I wasn’t stuck focusing on the things that I couldn’t eat. I am able to indulge in great foods that a lot of people usually avoid because of their high fat content. Mainstream diets or crash diets like to give some insanely fast way to get people to lose weight (low fat, juicing, or other very different diets out there.) I dislike these "crash" diets because they limit the nutrients that are essential and most important for your health! I was able to focus on all of the amazing foods I was allowed to eat that would typically be considered “unhealthy,” but it turns out these are the best foods for you! I will provide another blog post of the contents of my diet and what to eat or what not to eat. I bet you will be surprised with the things I eat that have caused me to get healthier, but more importantly, lose body fat!

The Ugly Truth

For the past four years, I have been under the authoritarian control of my university level nutritionists. I don’t mean any harm with this post, but I just want to say upfront that these nutritionists have some nice knowledge and are very advanced with what they know and are good at what they do. With that being said, I haven’t ever seen eye to eye with these professionals.

They are strong believers in the high-carb, moderate-protein, and low-fat diet plan for athletes. It doesn't make any sense to me to follow a "low fat" diet, mainly because fats are an essential nutrient that my body needs! I found out quickly that this is not the diet for me. I needed to focus on a higher fat content, moderate protein, and low carb kind of diet. It was a tough four years having to pretend I believed the “high carb” style of nutrition, but that is so outdated and unhealthy, in my opinion, and in a couple of later posts I’ll show some of my results and give you more information on why I believe carbs are not all they are cracked up to be! I will finish this little vent session with the idea that everyone is different and needs to have slightly different diets, but I know exactly what works for me and I see great results with my style of eating. The choice is always yours!

To wrap things up...

Like I said earlier, the Ketogenic style of eating has worked WONDERS for me. I am able to wake up in the morning, workout for about an hour, go to class, come back home to work on homework, and then still have energy to do something active at night if I wish! I rarely take naps, because I don’t feel the need to and I usually find something that keeps me busy.

Being Ketogenic has truly been a miracle diet for me. By clearing up my skin, lowering my body fat, increasing my energy and strength, making me less hungry overall, and even giving me more focus! I think it is safe to say that this diet works miracles for me. In a later post I will go into what my diet consists of throughout the day and throughout the week! Hope you enjoy it!