Tips to Control Easter Appetite:

Drink Bulletproof Coffee

This usually wakes me up and boosts my metabolism, and I never go a morning without it!

Drink a lot of water

When I first wake up, I try to drink a lot of water to flush out whatever might be in my body and also to rehydrate from not drinking any water all night.

Try to get a workout in before the day of eating begins

Exercise typically suppresses my appetite and it makes me feel more accomplished. Usually when I workout I am less inclined to ruin all of my hard work by eating endless empty calories throughout the day. Not to mention, I will burn off some of those calories right from the start throughout my workout. This workout might be weight training, an inclined walk, a walk outside, a bike workout, or maybe even a HIIT workout.

Do not start my day with candy

If I eat something full of sugar first, that is all I am going to want all day. You eat sugar means you will crave sugar. That is what carbohydrates do to you.

Set windows for the times when I will eat

If I do not set specific time windows for when I eat, I will be grabbing from the candy bowl all day. It will be a never-ending fountain of sugar for me! I plan on having a breakfast window, a lunch window, and a dinner window. Within these times I will eat my main meal, but also indulge in some Easter sweets!

Eat good, wholesome food before the sugary sweet food

I try my best to fill up on food that is actually going to fuel my body in a healthy way before I just eat all sweets for the entire day.

Think about my future self

I know that if I eat unhealthy food all day on Easter, it is going to affect me for at least three days after. I know my body and sugar do not mix well, so over the next few days I will probably notice a dip in energy levels, maybe some unclear skin, and inflammation/bloating.

Enjoy guilt free!

Today is not a “cheat day” or any crazy trend that people may be doing these days, it is a holiday to spend with my family and enjoy the company of those around me!

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates! I hope you find my tips useful! They definitely work for me!