Resistance band training has to be my favorite form of working out! Band workouts are the perfect balance between circuit training and weight lifting, AND without the hassle of having to use clunky gym equipment!  

I love resistance band training so much because I do not have to be confined to a small area of the gym when I am working out! I can bring these bands anywhere I go! I take them with me on vacation and even train on the beach with them, which I have found is also great for stabilization being on the sand!

Band Strength/Thickness:

There are a few different levels of resistance when it comes to these resistance bands. The thicker the band, the “heavier” it feels. 
  • Purple: Lightest
  • Red: 2nd Lightest
  • Blue: Medium
  • Green: 2nd Heaviest
  • Black: Heaviest

Resistance Band Workout:

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4


  • Go through this workout 2-3 times
  • Try to accomplish each of these exercises with as little rest between exercises as possible
  • Have fun!