This glute workout I put together is one of my favorite low-hassle workouts. I usually do a workout targeting my glutes about 2-3 times a week. I love this workout because it doesn't involve any equipment and I can perform these moves anywhere. This is not the workout I do three times a week, but it is one that I complete if I have limited resources (like if I don't have a squat rack or other heavy weight equipment). This workout is low-impact and easy to do in any location.

3 Important Rules when Performing these Exercises:

  1. Hold your core tight
  2. Focus on squeezing your glutes
  3. Keep your head/body in a straight line during movements (avoid sinking back or dropping head down)


The Workout:

Repeat 3-4 times



Keep in mind:

My Better Butt workout is supplemental to my other leg-specific workouts. I would not achieve the muscles or strength I have if I didn't squat or deadlift weekly. I still lift heavy weights to focus on gaining the lean muscle that would not be achieved with a light workout such as this one. With that being said, this workout is definitely worth the burn!