I love HIIT workouts. Today's post is the structured workout I did today and one that I do every week! Here are a few reasons why I think HIIT workouts are so great:

  • They get my heart rate up
  • They are a lot more fun than cardio
  • They work more muscles than running
  • I am building lean muscles while burning fat
  • They do not need to be done in a gym setting

I do HIIT workouts about 2-3 times a week along with weight training. These are the perfect workouts to do if you have limited resources or don't have time to make it to a gym! Some of the HIIT workouts I do require more equipment, while others require less. I have gotten a lot of my HIIT workout ideas from my strength coach Sean Hayes. He has created some extremely challenging workouts, but I am grateful for all of them!

Today's HIIT Workout

30 second increments

Warm up:

  • Inclined walk
  • 20 minutes
  • 13% incline
  • 3.5-4.0 mph

Round 1:

Round 2:

  • Squat with Tricep Extension (using medicine ball or weighted plate overhead)
  • Russian Twists (holding medicine ball or weighted plate)
  • Single-Leg Glute Bridge (switch legs at 15 seconds)
  • Full-Range pushups
  • Jump Rope 1 minute

Round 3:

  • Walking Lunge (holding medicine ball straight overhead)
  • Plank (1 minute)
  • Bodyweight Jump Squats
  • Wide-Set Pushups (hands just outside shoulders)
  • Jump Rope 1 minute

Cool down:


When creating these HIIT workouts for myself, it is important that I focus on staggering the body parts I work. I always try to do a lower body exercise (squat) and then an upper body exercise (curls). It is important that I don't overwork one part of my body too much. I have noticed that when I go back and fourth between lower body and upper body, I have enough time to recover for the next exercise!


One of my favorite motivational quotes!

Like I said before, I love HIIT workouts and creating them for myself. They are fun and don't take more then 25-30 minutes to complete. The goal here is to finish this workout with as little rest as possible and as quickly as possible. If anyone is interested in one of my HIIT workouts just contact me through the contact form below and I can formulate one for you based on your goals! Enjoy!


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