If you are struggling to notice the health benefits of Bulletproof Coffee I have listed a few common mistakes. Bulletproof coffee is designed to give you clarity, help you burn fat, provide important vitamins, have anti-inflammatory effects, and so on! Review your coffee making process with these common mistakes I have provided below.


Using the Wrong Butter:

Grass-fed butter is recommended because it is an anti-inflammatory substance containing vitamins and it does not raise your cholesterol.

Three big issues with choosing butter are:

  1. If you use regular butter or “grain-fed” butter, this IS inflammatory
  2. If it is not labeled as Organic, there potentially have been hormones fed/injected into the animal, pesticides used throughout the process, and GMOs fed to those cows. Through consumption, these substances could end up in your body! (Something I learned in my Animal and Diary Science class today!)
  3. DO NOT use margarine. That is the opposite of butter, and it is full of FAKE saturated fat…the bad kind.

Be Wise with Oil:

You can use basic Coconut oil, but keep in mind you are missing a lot of the health benefits of medium chain triglyceride oil (MCT Oil) which is just a very concentrated version of coconut oil (and is tasteless in case you are not a fan of coconut taste.)

Benefits of MCT oil as opposed to Coconut oil:

  1. Greater fat-burning benefits
  2. More anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiviral, and antimicrobial
  3. And it takes less MCT oil to get the benefits

DO NOT Use Milk in Bulletproof coffee:

Bulletproof is mainly comprised of fat. Just like my eating habits, the best way to see the results of a high fat diet is to be low carb. Milk has carbohydrates and sugars in it and adding sugar + fat is a recipe for weight gain. When you introduce carbohydrates into the mix of this high fat drink, you will burn the carbohydrates for energy and store the fat. My body MUST have the opportunity to get into fat burning mode by depleting my intake of carbohydrates.

Adding milk (any kind: coconut, almond, silk, etc. that contain sugar/carbs) will ruin the “fat-for-fuel” effect of this amazing coffee. Milk can be beneficial in the diet and is a good source of dairy if it is full fat, but it does not have a beneficial effect in this coffee.

Drinking it with a Meal:

I use this drink as a meal replacement every morning due to its high fat calorie content. I am extremely alert and energized after drinking a cup of this coffee and I do not feel the need to eat an entire meal with the consumption of this drink. Some people are combining this drink along with their breakfast, which typically contains some kind of carbohydrate (berries, oatmeal, etc. or whatever you consume for breakfast). Once again, consuming carbs while you consume bulletproof coffee defeats the purpose of the drink, to burn body fat. Unfortunately, you will gain weight if you eat carbohydrates while drinking the coffee unless that is your goal then go for it!

DO NOT Add Sugar:

As mentioned earlier with milk, sugar is a carbohydrate and adding it to your coffee ruins its purpose. Even a small amount of sugar will completely tarnish the fat burning effect that bulletproof coffee has to offer.

Many people are fooled by the name of certain sugars, or possibly by the labels.

  • Agave sugar is just as bad as the sugar you will find in a donut.
  • Organic does not mean the sugar is O.K. to put in your coffee

Some of the WORST things to add to your coffee are:

  1. Table sugar
  2. Sweeteners like Splenda
  3. Honey
  4. Agave
  5. Brown sugar
  6. Maple Sugar/Syrup

If you want your coffee to be sweetened, use all natural sweeteners like Stevia or Xylitol.

Safe Add-ins to Try!

Try some of these extra ingredients to change up the taste of your coffee:

  • Cinnamon (NOT cinnamon sugar)
  • Ground Vanilla Bean
  • Organic unsweetened Cacao
  • Unsweetened (zero carb) Whey Protein
  • Ground Nutmeg

Enjoy! :)