Full Body Workout vs. Split Body Training

Most of the workouts I have written about on Saturated Fit have been examples of full body workouts, until now. I would like to introduce the training technique of Split Body Training. “Splitting” simply means dividing or distributing your workout so that you are training different body parts on different days of the week. For example, a 4-day split body training may read:


Monday: Back/Biceps

Tuesday: Chest/Triceps

Thursday: Legs/Abs

Friday: Shoulders


The type of people who utilize the split body technique are those who have the desire to shape their body in a specific way. On average, most people try to incorporate about 20 minutes of cardio 3 times a week along with their training method. Split body workouts can be a great resource to add into your workout routine if you desire to shape and build a certain body part, such as glutes or legs. I, personally, have utilized both types of workouts and have found that there are benefits to each!


Full bod vs. Split level 3.JPG


Benefits of a Full Body Workout:

  • Burn maximum calories

  • Maximize workout efficiency in a shorter amount of time

  • Potential to increase flexibility

  • Better at improving power and conditioning

  • Frequent stimulation of the same muscle allows for beginning lifters to progress faster (squatting 3 times a week vs. squatting 1 time a week)


Benefits of Split Body Training:

  • Great for targeting and shaping specific areas of your body (like legs or glutes!)

  • You will not have certain body parts that lag in development due to the targeting technique.  

  • Easy to follow a weekly routine

  • Less likely to over train, because you will have more recovery time for muscles

  • As the training demands increase because you are getting stronger, split workouts allow you to add more weight or higher reps

  • You can add more volume, which allows you to build more muscle

Depending on what your goals are when you workout, either of these training methodologies can be of use to you. Typically, if you are a beginner in the weight room, you would best benefit from performing full body workouts until you learn some basic skills. Once you get the hang of a few different types of exercises, you can graduate to split body training. For those who desire to build and sculpt certain body parts like those “toned arms,” or “leaner legs,” I suggest giving a split body training routine a try!

How am I Currently Exercising?

I am currently following a 3 day-a-week split body training along with two days of full body training. My weekly exercise routine is as follows:


Monday: Chest, Back, Abs

Tuesday: Resistance Band Full Body Workout

Wednesday: Shoulders, Arms

Thursday: HIIT Full Body Circuit Workout

Friday: Legs


Preview of posts to come!

In upcoming training posts, I plan on breaking split body part training down in a way that is easy to follow, as well as provide sample workout plans. A brief overview of posts to come includes:

  • How to start weight training if it's something new

  • How to progress through your training program (Full body > 2 times a week split > 3 times a week split > 4 times a week split)


My goal is to help anyone gain confidence in the gym through progression and teaching proper technique when exercising!