If your Thanksgiving day is anything like my family’s Thanksgiving day, it is basically a 24-hour feast on amazing homemade dishes and treats. One thing I make sure I do before entering into a food coma is: get a workout in! The only issue with Thanksgiving day is that there is NO TIME to go to a gym! Luckily, I have provided my personal Thanksgiving day workout below!


This metabolic circuit is full of calisthenics, meaning that they do not involve any equipment except for your body. There are plenty of benefits that come with performing calisthenics, and can even be more challenging that exercises that involve equipment. I have listed the benefits below:


  • There is no need for equipment

  • Full body training

  • It supports weight loss, promotes muscle growth

  • It is the most “natural” form of a workout

  • Builds strength

  • Develops balance & coordination

  • Develops endurance when performed in a circuit fashion

  • Time efficient!


A few things to keep in mind while performing this circuit…


  • Complete these exercises as fast and as efficiently as possible

  • Time yourself for 40 seconds for each exercise

  • Complete each round 3 times until moving to the next round of exercises

  • Take 30-second break between each completed round

  • Drink water!



Thanksgiving Day Metabolic Circuit:


  • 40 seconds for each exercise

  • Complete each round 3 times

  • 30-seconds between each completed round

Round 1:

Forward Lunge

Leg raise

Plank reaches


Squat Jumps


Round 2:

Lateral Lunge Reach

Spiderman Plank

Rapid High Knees in Place

Floor Wipers

Variable Squat Jumps


Round 3:

Reverse Lunge

Up-Down Planks

Rapid Butt Kicks


Single-leg Glute Bridge (40 seconds each leg)