Did you know that losing weight is #1 resolution made this year? But did you also know that, unfortunately, most of these people will be unsuccessful? Recently, the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania has provided research predicting that only 8% of these people who set out to lose weight in 2016 will actually achieve the goal they set out to accomplish. In this new day and age, we have more resources than ever to try and stay fit! This may seem beneficial, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming to try search through the endless amount of apps nutrition apps, workout apps, goal setting apps, etc.. until you find one you actually like! To save you time and provide you with the very accurate information for your success,  they have created an awesome infographic, narrowing down the apps according to their effectiveness and efficiency. After testing thousands of apps, they settled on the best 14 to start you off. 

Goal Setting Apps

Use these apps for your daily practice. They also help you stay on schedule. Besides reminders, they have communities that provide answers to many of your questions. You can as well wager money on going to the gym. 

Workout Apps

These ones give you options such as Yoga, personal training sessions, and quick workouts. Achieving efficient workout and proper form is a thin line between getting hurt and getting in shape. 

Nutrition Apps

These apps help you to get nutritional facts and count calories. They also provide you with healthy and delicious recipes. The gym alone doesn't make great bodies

Running Apps

Running apps make running more interesting while helping you track your progress. They can also make running more interesting through “storifying” them. For example, a zombie app pops up, with zombies running after you, and you have to run faster to keep them off! 

Cycling Apps

If you are a cycling enthusiast, these are for you. They provide you with routes made by others and enable you to race against them and track your time and stats online. They make you very competitive.Although you don't need apps to lose weight, they go a long way in improving efficiency!

View the infographic below to see the whole story:

Heath and Fitnes App Post SF.jpeg