Build Your Best Butt!

Oftentimes, people fall victim to only working the muscles that they can see in the mirror and completely neglect the muscles in the back of their body! Some of the most important muscles you need to work are your back, your hamstrings, and your butt! We have created a hamstring and butt workout to increase your overall strength and help lift your butt!

Glute and Hamstring Bench Circuit:

Start your work week with this short hamstring and glute circuit! The only equipment you need is something sturdy to place your feet or back on. In this video, I used a bench. 

Complete 5 Rounds

  1. Bench Glute Bridge - 15 Reps

  2. Bench Single-Leg Glute Bridge - 10 Reps each

  3. Plyometric Hip Thruster - 10 Reps

  4. Single-Leg Plyometric Hip Thruster - 10 Reps each

  5. Feet Elevated Hip Thruster - 15 Reps

  6. Feet Elevated Single-Leg Hip Thruster - 10 Reps each

  7. Side Plank to Leg Lift Left Side - 10 Reps

  8. Side Plank to Leg Lift RightSide - 10 Reps

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