Mistakes You Commit When Trying to Lose Weight

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You Have a “Cut-Off Time” for Eating 

Saying “I am going to stop eating at 8 p.m. is just setting yourself up to focus on that 8 p.m. time and NOT eating. My #1 rule is if you are hungry, you should eat. Do not deprive yourself and think that you are losing weight. The most inefficient way to burn fat is from calorie restriction. Do not just eat to fill yourself up with empty calories like popcorn or other snack foods. Eat for a purpose. Eat to build your muscles after exercise, eat to fuel your body for that exercise, eat because your body is depleted of nutrients and it’s time to feed your body what it needs.

You Aren’t Increasing Your Workout Load

This doesn’t mean you need to increase the minutes you are working out per week. This means you should focus on increasing the intensity and/or velocity of your exercise. Let's say you do 10 pushups in one workout, the next time you do pushups you should try to get 15 pushups. You can increase your load by increasing reps, amount of weight, level of resistance, or total sets. You are always in competition with yourself!

You are Following a Low-Fat Diet

Eating low-fat has got the be the BIGGEST mistake in health and nutrition industry. When the food companies take fat out of the food, they are taking away vital nutrients and natural flavors. When they take this fat out of the food they replace it with SUGAR! Sugar is the cause of diabetes, weight gain, blemished skin, energy loss, and a decline of your overall health! Fat is not the enemy, sugar is. Your body needs fat to survive, but it does not need sugar to survive.

You are Counting Calories

Don’t get me wrong, counting calories can be beneficial, but you have to use it as a tool and not an obsession. Saying, “I’ll eat this rice cake with no protein and no fat because it has less overall calories so I will be losing weight” is a terrible way of thinking. If you are counting calories in order to make sure that you are “burning more than you are taking in” then you will not efficiently lose weight. Instead, focus on the quality of the food you are putting into your body by avoiding food that comes prepackaged or the quick grab and go option. Eat real meals, not just snacks.

You are Only Focused on Exercising 

Scientifically speaking, working out burns calories, but you might actually be burning your muscle instead of your fat if you aren’t being smart with the food you eat. If you chase that floating cooking while running on the treadmill you are getting your exercise in, but you are LOSING if you eat the cookie! With that being said, check out the next tip on why you aren’t losing weight.

You Reward Yourself with Cheat Meals

Do NOT reward yourself with a “cheat day” or “cheat meal.” These are nice, but by labeling them as a cheat, you are putting yourself at risk of going overboard. Replace that cookie or pizza with a weekend trip or a new article of clothing to look forward to. This doesn’t mean you won’t ever eat sugar again- that is your choice. But if you are serious about losing weight, you will see faster and better weight loss results if you follow this tip.