We love to do exercises that you don't need to go to a gym to complete. All you need for this workout is a Kettlebell and an open space! For this workout, follow the repetition scheme on the video and complete the movements with as little rest as possible. Repeat four times!


The Workout


  • Kettle bell Swings - 15-20 swings

  • Kettle bell Figure 8 Reverse Lunges - 15 each leg

  • Kettle bell Place and Twist - 15 each side

  • Kettlebell Figure 8 Squat to Trunk Twist - 15 each side

  • Plank Alternating Kettle bell Row - 10 each side

  • Kettle bell Oblique Pressed Sit-ups - 15 each side

  • Kettle bell Tempo Jump Squat Series - 15 total (right, left, squat = 1)

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