A lot of people choose to workout alone, myself included. But at times, it can be difficult to stay motivated through an entire workout when you are alone. Find a person with similar goals and athletic ability to yours and make each other better! In this workout, my brother Jim Teknipp and I will put you through an overview of a total body medicine ball workout. All you need is a medicine ball! We typically use a 10-25lb medicine ball, depending on the exercise. The unique thing about the balls we use in this workout is that they are filled with sand. Regular medicine balls bounce back up to you, but with these they slam straight to the ground without a bounce.


TB Medicine Ball Parter Workout

Complete 4 Rounds

  1. Underhand Toss x 10
  2. Overhead Throw x 10
  3. Side Toss x 10
  4. Chest-pass x 10
  5. Overhead Bounce Throw x 8
  6. Approach Scoop Toss x 8
  7. Hop back to Underhand Toss x 8
  8. Jump-Slam-Shuffle x 8
  9. Standing Ab Twist x 15 each side
  10. Partner Russian Twist Throw x 15 each side

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Enjoy :)